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Qualified Truck & Trailer Inspections

Don’t jeopardize your livelihood by operating a heavy-duty diesel vehicle that hasn’t received a DOT inspection within the past 12 months. Bring your truck to Victory Diesel instead!

We are a qualified provider of DOT inspections and are fully compliant with all North Dakota Department of Transportation standards and regulations. Whether you use your heavy-duty truck for commercial, agricultural or industrial applications, our mastery of diesel vehicles, trailers and North Dakota Century Code will ensure that you’re in full compliance with the law while you’re out on the road. And if your vehicle needs any repairs before it can pass inspection, we are qualified to perform them!

Our annual DOT inspections do more than ensure our clients’ trucks and trailers are fully compliant with state law. Our passion for diesel engines means we often find problems that less qualified inspectors would have missed. That’s how we alert our clients to small issues before they develop into expensive ones.

We’re confident that you’re going to love our service. That’s why we’re going to make you a customer for life by providing your first DOT inspection absolutely free of charge!

What Should You Know About DOT Inspections?

Our Skilled Truck & Trailer Services Include:

  • Inspections must be performed annually
  • Inspections must be performed by qualified inspector
  • Lights, steering, suspension, brakes and more are inspected
  • Keep a copy of your inspection in the vehicle
  • Keep a copy of your inspection at your business, farm, or residence
  • First-time clients of Victory Diesel get their inspections FREE

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Get DOT inspections for your truck and trailer here! First-time customers get their inspection FREE. Call us for your free estimate at (701) 594-3310.

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